A Little About Miss x

Hey guys, Miss x here. I thought that I would post a little about myself, just to get things started. You know, kinda, metaphorically, break the ice a little bit before getting into the posts. I am the co-owner of this blog, alongside  Mister y. As you can expect from the name, my post are going to be from the view of a woman, though I welcome any to read my posts; being they may have comments from the opposite gender as well. And of course guys may be thinking some of the things that I write about, and I encourage them, or anyone, to reach out and ask questions.

Okay, so a little about me. Although this blog is Make A Date Right, I have yet to actually do just that. I am single at the moment, and have been all my life, but that doesn’t mean I lack any knowledge of dating. I’d consider knowing people my biggest strength. My lack of relationship is not the inability but perhaps myself being a bit too picky. I’m the kind of woman who knows what she want when she sees it. I would be one of the people all come to for advice, and between Mister y and myself, we have a lot to share.

I intend to post not only useful advice, tips, and hints but also cover the topics others often don’t want to mention. Those topics you’ll barely whisper amongst friends I intend fully to bring into the open for all to hear, comment on, and question for honest answers. If I cannot give you an answer, you can rest assured I will find it for you. Instead of hours Googling and getting questionable results, stay here, ask away and hear a real answer from someone who understands.

Stay true to you,

Miss x

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