Floating Adrift In The Dating Pool

Admidst the Dating Pool and Alone

This is Mister y here with a short post about the large dating pool. I know that in today’s day in age there are more “fish” in the sea than ever before. This is of course, quite true. But when you’re there alone looking for someone whom might one day be your soul mate, or partner for life, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Floating Adrift in the Dating Pool

I would like to take a moment tell you, that even adrift in the dating pool you are not truly alone. Always remember that even though you are searching for that right person, not to forget those you already have. And by this I mean your friends, family, and possibly even co-workers. I know Miss x posted an important piece about dating for the shy and introvert, which if it applies to you is an excellent read. But even the shy and introvert have people they can turn to.

Your House

Before entering the dating pool, make sure to build your house
Before entering the dating pool, make sure to build your house

I remind you of this because it is important to have a strong foundation, much like a house. Being in a relationship is a lot like adding a balcony or exterior structure to your house at first. In time it will become more integrated and a part of who you are. But it is extremely important to have a strong foundation; to have yourself well off. This would not only mean stable living and a job, but a good support system. Everything will always start with you but you will build upon that through life.

Hopefully with a strong house, you can begin a relationship meaningful. It will be one that will compliment and help build your house. The dating pool is large and may seem hard to navigate, but most importantly let it come as it may.

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