Dinner Date- Date Night…Food Fight?

Dinner Date

Salad or Steak?

Oh, the age-old debate. Which do you choose when you go out on a dinner date? Do you “watch your figure” and get the salad, or do you go for what you are actually hungry for?

Why is it a debate in movies and books about what a girl should order when we go out and eat? Why, in some cases, do guys say they are going to get the steak, and that we want a salad? Did you ask us if we want the salad? Don’t get me wrong, some girls probably like salads, me being one, but that doesn’t mean that I want to order a salad when I go out to a restaurant every time. This is especially challenging for the shy and introverted.

On The Dinner Date

If you are feeling like you are pressured just by the food that you are ordering during a dinner date, you are not going to enjoy the date at all. You are going to spend the whole time worrying about what you are eating, and you are going to start thinking that you are getting judged for other things as well, and you are going to end up spending the whole night just… worrying.

There is no need to feel like you have to order a salad just because some people think that is what you are supposed to eat. There is not strict diet, no rules, as to what you should eat. If you want the steak, get the steak. You want a pasta dish, get the pasta dish. If you are hungry for one of their signature salads, then get the salad. Just, get, and do, what you want. Let the date unfold, and enjoy the night. Spend less time worrying about your figure and yourself.

To Pay or Not To Pay…

Now, another thing that might get brought up towards the end of the date: who pays? Do you wait until the very end of the date, or is this something that is discussed beforehand? Since it is the 21st century, it is safe to say that it could be up to anyone to pay, so don’t just assume that it is going to be the guy that is going to pay. Wait until the bill gets there, and then offer to pay, if you would like. If he insists on paying, go with it, cause he wants to do something special for you.

Don’t spend your night worrying about what could go wrong during your dinner date, or worrying about the little things in general. Just do what you would normally do when you go out with your friends, and have fun.

As always, stay true to you

Miss x

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