What To Expect From Mister y

As Mister y I thought I’d start my first post by telling a bit about myself and what you can expect to see from me. As you likely realized this blog is co-owned by Miss x and myself, Mister y. Being that this is a co-owned blog, my posts will not be moderated by Miss x, and her posts will not be moderated by myself. We will each post true to our own thoughts, feelings, and ideas. However, we may definitely ask each other review what we have written, mostly for grammatical purposes. (I frequently miss the trees for the forest when reviewing my own works).

Now I, as my name implies, am a guy and my posts will of course be from a guys point of view (it’s the only point of view I can offer after all) but don’t think it is only for guys to view, not only do I welcome but encourage you ladies to also take a look. Hearing from the opposite gender, while you might not always agree with them, would serve to assist you in understanding their point of view and where they come from in their views.

To better understand where I am coming from this is a bit about myself. I have been in several relationships, some spanning mere months, others a year or so. The distance has been no more than 10 minutes by car and some living in another state, so yes essentially online dating. I am straight and only seek female companionship by nature. I find this important to mention but even though I am straight, I am not offended nor find any problems with people of other preferences. I have dated bi-sexual women and neither then nor now do I find a problem with anyone’s preference in sexuality. I suppose as they say, love has no bounds.

I like to think I am a gentleman, though I do recognize the day in age we are in and believe in equal rights for all that does not stop me from holding doors open, carrying things, and other things of the sort. Not exclusively to my girlfriend or date but even in general (its good policy not be a jerk). But whomever I am with or I generally treat a bit extra special. I am old fashion in that manner, however, I am not completely so. I do not believe in asking parents for permission to date their daughter, as she is her own person and can make that decision for herself. I also will completely admit I do not wait until after marriage before having sex (though I am sure to know my partner is ready).

As a word of caution to guys and girls out there. My posts are strictly for the endeavoring love seeker, not those searching to “get some”, have one night stands and such. I’d encourage you to google “how to get laid” or something of the sort as this is the wrong place for that type of advice. I will speaking to those who may have tried time and time again, are hoping to become slightly less shy, want to know the secrets to finding love, and of course to all of us surviving this ever changing world and its social views.

So I encourage you, gentlemen or ladies to read along, leave comments, ask questions, do what ever you may to get the most out of these short pieces scattered about. We have a specific contact section where you should feel free to ask questions direct at myself and/or miss x. And of course leave comments. By your bits of advice I will know what more to post to better assist you in what I write.

Happy Searching,
Mister y

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