What’s In A Date?

A simpler idea for what's in a date

What makes up a date? Does it have to be something fancy all the time? Why not something simple? Going out on a date with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has to spend a fortune on you, or on the place. These are three different fun, and simple, date ideas that would be just as enjoyable as an extravagant night out. So, what’s in a date?


A mall is the perfect place for a date
What starts as a walk in the mall may turn into something magical.

Okay, so you have a shopping list about a mile long, but he wants to hang out with you. Why not do both? Walking around the store with someone could open different levels of conversation, including those you wouldn’t even think could happen. You may find out that you have some similar interest in the food that you are getting, or you could be discussing food that you find disgusting. While some may not think that this could be considered a date, you are still out with the person, having a discussion, and bonding over topics in new setting.

Going for a walk

There doesn’t have to be anything special attached to the walk, like a picnic. But just going for a nice calm walk can be relaxing. You could just be walking down the street and have a conversation about anything, including the weather. That isn’t just some cop-out for a conversation, because, like going shopping, you can learn a lot from just that; do they like warmer weather compared to colder, winter compared to summer, etc? Conversations don’t have to be forced, or you don’t necessarily need to have conversation. Just being next to them in the same setting, more often than not, is enough.

Hanging out at home

Now, before you judge this as being boring, or something that you could always do, think of it this way: what better way to get to know the guy better, than to see what he is like in his own element? Let him pick out a movie that he likes, or, see what it is he likes to play in terms of games, or how he relaxes. You can find out a lot about a guy just by watching him enjoy the simple things. You see a different side to him; a side that shows how he is when he is with his friends. You will see a fun side to him, and you might have the time of your life, even if you are just watching a movie, or playing a game. It’s about what’s in a date after all.

What’s In A Date?

Dates don’t have to be expensive to be fun. Go to the store, pick out a few things to munch on and grab a movie. Something simple like this, might be just as memorable as an expensive date out. This is especially easier for the Shy and Introverted. So tell me, what are your favorite simple date ideas?

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