Are First Impressions Important?

First impressions are immensely important

Impressions, whether it is your first impression or seventh impression, are always important. It’s good to show people our likable side and our good side. Of course when it comes to meeting new people, especially in dating, we always strive to give good first impressions.

Clothes And Looks

Clothing makes important First ImpressionsWe are stickler’s for clothes as humans. We try to look sharp, dress well, and even smell nice too. But at what point does it go too far? If a gentleman shows up in a suit jackets, dress shirt and tie (with matching pants and shoes of course) of course he looks well. And Gentlemen, I am quite sure it makes you feel good about yourself too. A few of you, however, might see the problem with this scenario already. Unlike a job interview, a date you can over dress for. If you’re meeting at a casual diner and choose to wear all of that, what type of first impressions are you truly giving off? Possibly insecurities, trying too hard to impress, and likely raising a bunch of warning signs in your dates mind.


Speech, word choice, flow, and more all are a large part of first impressions. We should speak easy at a comfortable level that shows we are capable of at least basic conversation and display some intellect. What you should not do is use words that requires the average person to run scrambling for a dictionary. Diction and word choice is important and you often can say the same thing in simpler words than a string of large ones. You may be doing it to impress the person in front of you (online or over the dinner table), but keep in mind what you say and how you talk will be remembered. If the next date, your diction fails you, be sure she will recognize a fake right away.

Why Are First Impressions Important?

First impressions are important because they give us an idea if we want to stay with this person or not. Allegedly, how we feel about someone is decided in mere seconds or minutes, depending on the case study you read. Likely you realize what people you like and don’t like fairly quick. Meaning first impressions are important, but in terms of dating they need to not only be good, but realistic. If you know you wouldn’t even put half the effort into your second date or meeting, don’t give the potential date unrealistic expectations of you. This is very similar to building your foundation In The Dating Pool featured in the Adrift post.


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