Your Online Dating Profile Tips And Tricks

Online Dating Profiles

Your online dating profile is very important, for many reasons. This is what people will first see and often will decide how far they will go, meaning if they will talk to you or not. Think of your online dating profile the same as seeing someone walking down the street or speed dating, the five minutes you get with someone. People will often look at your profile for less than five minutes, so your online dating profile is extremely important. Therefore make your profile well done, crisp, and polished.

Interesting Online Dating Profile Picture
Have an interesting background that says something about you and your hobbies!

Online Dating Profile Pictures

The picture in almost any dating profile is the first thing you will see. You should make your primary picture is eye-catching, yet helps define you as a person. Make it realistic to who you are, meaning you don’t play sports but there is a football in your picture, any conversation will not likely go too far unless you are a big fan. Try using your background to your advantage. For example, for those who live in the city and frequent Starbucks, a background of a city park, historical building, or landmark with a frappĂ© is an interesting picture that could spark interest. Do you hike? Then have a picture of a mountain you climbed in the background. If you explore caves, have a photo of you in front of the cave.

The Dreaded About Me Section

Online Dating Profile Pictures
Showing the areas you visit jogs is a great way to say a bit about you!

This section is one of the most important sections of any online dating profile. This is the section where get to tell the world a bit about who you are as person. Every section should tell bits about you, but this section is key. If your online dating service doesn’t have Interests/Hobbies section (see below) then you should include that here. Else you should describe you, whether it be what you think is interesting about you, or important things people should know. Some people have been creative to include they’re a recent home owner, they enjoy an unusual activity. It could be a special talent, or what you consider most important about yourself. You can ask a few friends how they describe you, that will help you start your profile. Additionally you can quote some of their description on your own profile.

Online Dating Profile Interests

Always include your hobbies and interests in your dating profile. If there is space for these topics, include them regardless. When describing hobbies and interests you should try being specific and explain the why. Don’t say your hobby is jogging. Instead say something like these:

“Jogging because I can see the city alive at night.”
“I enjoy playing the flute because it was one of the many gifts my mother gave to me and I would play for her all the time since I was young.”
“I love food and try to cook new dishes all the time, currently I’m experimenting with Asian foods.”

These all display a bit of depth to your own character and make you far more interesting. Try to use several interest to better describe and get a picture of who you are.

Your Online Dating Profile

Make sure you online dating profile is rich in content and accurately displays who you are. Be detailed and put work into your profile and people will know you’re serious about dating. Additionally you will separate potential dates from one night stands and people you’d rather not associate with. Always do the profile test. Ask a couple easy questions from your profile in different sections. This will ensure the person talking to you read the entire profile, not just bits and parts or none. It will make for finding connections with others easier and more frequent. Don’t waste your time filling your profile with vague information. By doing so you show you don’t actually care too much about finding someone. So show the world you are serious.

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