What Makes You Attractive- And No Not Just Looks

Okay, confession time. Guys, it is not just how you look that attracts girls to you. I will admit, there are girls, as well as guys, who are attracted to a person just based on how they look, but that is not all of us. A girl can be attractive for more than just her face and body; the same can be said for guys. So, what makes you attractive? Below are six things that girls notice about a guy.


Okay, I admit, this is a pretty basic thing, but think about it: Do you really want to date someone who is nothing but a pretty face? There are some people out there who are attractive, but their personality is so ugly, that it just turns you off. There is a limit as to how mean, sarcastic, and rude a person can be before they become unattractive. A good personality is what makes you attractive, especially when you are just starting out in the dating field.

Playing an Instrument

The guy doesn’t have to play an instrument for me to be attracted to them, there is just something about a guy that plays an instrument. Maybe it is from all the books and movie that make the attractive main character play an instrument, but there is something about it that attracts some girls.


What makes you attractive- reading is sexy
Something about a guy reading a book

There are different ways that a guy can be smart, but I personally would like it for the guy to be a little smart at the very least, and not┬ájust a smart ass. I get it, some guys are a smart ass, and that is okay, nothing wrong with that, to a point. I am also saying that they don’t have to be just book smart, but I want a guy who at least knows what he is talking about, and is even able to stump me at times. And, for me at least, reading is a plus.

Interaction with Children

Not all guys want children, hell, not even all girls want them. It is something in the way that guys interact with children that usually stops me. Be is a sibling, niece, nephew, or friend of the family, when I see a guy play a game with a child, there is just something that melts my heart. Yeah, girl moment, but seeing that interaction shows you how protective the guy could be, as well as how he could be if he decided he did want children. If he is like that with children who aren’t even his own, you can almost tell how he is going to be with you, at the very least. That right there is what makes you attractive in my eyes at the very least.


This is a big one, because you want to be able to find someone that you can share everything with, even your darkest secrets, just because you want to feel safe. When you find this person, you will know, like of like the eyes, because there is something about them that just sticks out; almost like a tattoo on them. You will know, sometimes right away, sometimes later, if you are able to trust them, because you will not be the only one opening up about the past, and things that you are scared of; they will. Hold on to this person, because they are few and far between it seems.


Okay, I know that I said that physical attractiveness isn’t always everything, but I am one who always seems to notice a guy’s eyes. It doesn’t always have to be a certain color, though blue seems to stick out a lot, but just the eyes themselves. They have a way to stare right through you, into your soul, and they make you want to be with that person; share things with that person, as long as you can trust them.

Eyes are a large part of what makes your attractive
Eyes can tell a lot about how well you take care of yourself too!

You can usually tell how a person is, somehow, just based on their eyes. When you find the eyes that captivate you, stay there for as long as you can, cause you might have found the one who is going to be there for you when you need them the most (and yes, you can tell just by looking at someone).

What Makes You Attractive?

While these are only six things that we find attractive about a guy, I am sure there are others out there that I have not listed. Girls, if you can think of something that you find attractive about a guy, let me know. And guys, don’t be afraid to list some things that you find attractive about a woman, aside from physical aspects.

Hope to hear from you,

Miss x

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  1. Even though I like a cute funny smart guy, I really look at hair and clothes. You can tell from a guys clothes, if they’re decent or not what he is like. And if a guy takes care of his hair you know he’s a keeper!

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