Make A Date Right is here for exactly what it states. We’re here to help you make a date right. Hopefully turning some one you meet into something you will keep and treasure for the rest of your life. Make A Date right is not written by robots or a single guy or girl. It is written by a gentleman and a lady who tackle the issues that you barely discuss with only your closest friends. Due to the sensitive nature of information and opinions on this site, both writers have taken up pen names. Mister y and Miss x, Gentleman and Lady respectively.

Mister y and Miss x

Mister y and Miss x are both their own people with varying opinions which you’ll see unfold, however, can assure they will only speak the truth to the best of their ability. While both Miss x and mister y are psychology observers and skilled with people, neither claims to be the expert on dating. Both firmly believe no one can truly be an expert but both are quite knowledgeable in people, and people interaction(Sociology). For a little more information you can read their first post which gives a more more detail:

Miss x      Mister y